VolCorp Partners with CU Mobile Apps

VolCorp Partners with CU Mobile Apps

Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (VolCorp) has announced its recent partnership with Tennessee-based CU Mobile Apps, a rapidly-growing provider of progressive mobile banking solutions.

The agreement was finalized in early November and recently announced by VolCorp’s SVP of Marketing & Business Development, Sandy Swofford.  “The decision to partner with CU Mobile Apps is consistent with VolCorp’s philosophy of maintaining member service and convenience as its top priority,” said Swofford.  The addition of the CU Mobile App product to its menu allows VolCorp to expand the scope of benefits offered to its member credit unions in a direction where demand for such service is high and continues to increase.

The app’s unique user-friendly features and reasonable price structure were key to its appeal, said Swofford. “We’re very price-sensitive on behalf of our credit unions.  We know how difficult things are right now for most credit unions across the country.  It was of particular importance to us that CU Mobile Apps provided a robust and affordable mobile app for our members.”

“Our society is thriving on mobility,” agrees Rick Hargis, owner-partner of Member Service Solutions (MSS), a provider of insurance and financial solutions for credit unions and financial institutions, who offers the CU Mobile Apps product.  “We were honored to be chosen as a VolCorp partner to provide mobile solutions to nearly 350 credit unions and their members.  As mobile technology continues to evolve, we look forward to a long-term partnership with VolCorp for many years to come.”

The CU Mobile App’s features include the ability to quickly create and send alert notifications, special offers, and loan or account rate information to members’ smartphones, as well as on-line banking capabilities that allow users to access their web-based account information securely through their mobile app – just as they would on their home computer.  The app’s QR technology also provides users with the ability to not only scan the codes generated by their credit union using the App Engine, but also a variety of generic QR Codes.

The product enables subscribers to easily upload images, choose colors, customize items displayed, and add or change content at any time – with the results accessible to the credit union’s members and customers within 60 seconds.  Furthermore, the product’s unique “AppEngine” platform works with both iPhones and Android devices, including iPod Touch and iPad, as well as Android Mobile, Android Tablet, and Kindle Fire devices.  Its future-forward design allows it to seamlessly accept and integrate newer technologies as they become available, without costly, inconvenient restructuring/redesign delays – and without additional subscription charges.

“Tom and I are very excited about our partnership with VolCorp,” added Hargis. “They have an outstanding team and are very committed to serving their member credit unions. Member Service Solutions, LLC, and VolCorp share the same philosophy: we put the needs of our credit union clients and their members first.”

More information on VolCorp is available at www.volcorp.org; to learn more about CU Mobile Apps, visit www.cumobileapps.com.

About Volunteer Corporate Credit Union

Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (VolCorp) is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that serves natural person credit unions nationally.  Guided by a volunteer board of directors, VolCorp was organized for the express purpose of providing low-cost financial services and competitive investment and lending rates to our member/owners.

About Member Service Solutions, LLC

Member Service Solutions, LLC is a respected provider of insurance and financial solutions for credit unions and financial institutions.  Additional information is available at www.cumobileapps.com and www.memberservicesolutions.com, or by calling (800) 537-9035, Ext. 105.

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