Mobile App Marketing Strategy – Does your credit union have one?

Mobile App Marketing Strategy – Does your credit union have one?

appmarketing300x197We are often approached by our credit union clients asking if we have any suggestions on how they can market their mobile banking app to their members.  In many cases they have already been searching for you in the app stores and obviously if you have an app at the time of their search, they will find you.  However many times they will search quite often in the beginning but if they don’t find you they will typically not continue to search as often, meaning that if you have recently launched your app it may be a while before they perform another search.  Therefore creating member awareness before and immediately after your app is published in the app stores is one of the key essential ingredients for a successful app marketing campaign.  The list below will serve as a great start:

  1. Your website:  Your website most likely has plenty of real estate so take advantage of that!  A scrolling banner on the home page announcing your new app is sure to capture the attention of every visitor.  All CU Mobile Apps clients receive a complete app marketing package once your app is published in the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon marketplaces.  It contains website icon badges/images that include your credit union logo along with hyperlinks to the various distribution stores.  Therefore when they are displayed on the home page of your site and your member clicks on one of them, they will automatically be directed to the proper distribution store so they can find out how to download your app for free.
  2. Contest:  One of our credit union clients decided to give away several Kindle Fire tablets just for downloading their mobile app.  They simply placed a banner on their website’s home page encouraging their members to download their app in order to be placed in a drawing for a free Kindle Fire.  Needless to say, this was extremely effective and they soon had thousands of members embracing their app.
  3. Teller envelopes:  We provide our clients with a QR Code to place in their print ads encouraging their members to scan the code to download their app.  We also include the Apple, Android and Amazon logo’s as well.
  4. Print and radio ads:  It costs very little to include a QR Code or tag line in your current advertisements to advertise your app.    Many times a simple “download our app in the Apple, Google Play and Amazon marketplaces” will suffice.  We also provide all of our app clients with a marketing banner that can be printed and placed in their various branch locations encouraging their members to download their app.
  5. Social Media:  There’s no secret that social media is the preferred communication source by many of your members.  This is a great way to constantly remind them of your app and to promote it via contests and giveaways.
  6. On hold marketing message:  It amazes me at the number of institutions today who do not take advantage of on hold marketing!  What a great way to get the message out to your members that you have a new mobile app and would like for them to download it.
  7. Drive-up Banners:  A simple banner placed in your drive-up lanes announcing your new app and including a QR Code for the members to scan is a great way of creating member awareness.

Feel free to contact us regarding the many app marketing success stories that our clients have shared with us.

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