Partners in Progress and Technology

Partners in Progress and Technology

CUMAPartners150x150 (3)There is an old saying that says “You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with”.  The CU Mobile App team is comprised of some of the nation’s leading credit union professionals and technology partners.

Our mobile solution development partner, Metova, is a leader in mobile technology having developed mobile apps for Drop Box, The Associated Press, eHarmony, Slacker, Council of the Inspector General, Department of Justice, US Army, US Department of Defense as well as many others.  Literally millions of people use Metova designed apps every day!  Metova employs over 90 employees in Tennessee, Arkansas and Washington DC.  With over 45 app developers on staff, Metova provides the stability, support and technology staff to be a leader well into the future.  Learn more at

CU Mobile Apps has also partnered with the newly branded League Service Corp (LSC) in Naperville, Illinois.  Formerly the ICUL Service Corp, LSC provides products and services to over 3,000 credit unions in every state in the country.  The leader in credit union pre-paid card programs, LSC provides on boarding and implementation of integrated mobile app financial services for CU Mobile Apps.  With almost 100 employees, the LSC team has over four decades of credit union experience to keep our credit union partners in the forefront of mobile technology and mobile banking solutions.

Volunteer Corporate Credit Union (VolCorp) in Nashville, TN is a preferred partner of CU Mobile Apps and provides credit union services to over 335 credit unions throughout the Southeast.  VolCorp’s passion to help credit unions offer cost effective mobile solutions to their member-owners led to our partnership.  VolCorp offers mobile app development and support in addition to mobile deposit services through our RDC provider, Cachet Financial Solutions.

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Cachet Financial is a national leader in Remote Deposit Capture.  CU Mobile Apps features integrated mobile RDC powered by Cachet Financial as a part of our mobile strategy.  In addition to mobile deposit, Cachet offers home capture, merchant capture and more.  These affordable RDC solutions are available to all CU Mobile App credit union partners.

As a Preferred Partner of CU*Answers in Grand Rapids, MI, CU Mobile Apps seamlessly displays the core banking solution  It’s Me 247. Over 220 credit unions utilize the CU*Answer core system.  As a CUSO, CU*Answer’s exist to provide affordable core solutions and financial services to their credit union owners.  This partnership also provides for an integrated mobile solution for clients of eDOC Innovations, providing document storage and item processing for credit unions nationwide.

The definition of “teamwork” is working together to achieve a common goal or objective.  At CU Mobile Apps, we truly believe in teamwork!  By providing the best possible mobile app experience at the least possible cost for credit unions of all sizes… everyone is a “winner”!  We appreciate everyone on the CU Mobile Apps team and thanks for your hard work and dedication!

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