CU Mobile Apps Introduces Shared Networks Feature

CU Mobile Apps Introduces Shared Networks Feature

Shared Networks ImageFor the past several months the CU Mobile Apps team has been committed to building the best possible mobile app experience for credit union members.  We have proven to be a national leader as others in the mobile banking app industry have followed our lead.  Why?  Because we listen to our credit union partners… and more importantly, we deliver.

With our existing credit union relationships spanning over three decades, we realize credit unions are a close knit “community”.  The challenge to “compete and thrive” in today’s financial services industry is a common thread among credit unions of all sizes.  Your credit union can truly benefit from our long term relationships and partnerships.

For example, CU Mobile Apps now offers an aggregated Shared Branch and ATM Network tab.  Many credit unions offer multiple shared networks such as AllPoint, CU Service Centers, CO-OP, Alliance One, Star, Money Pass, CU24 and the list goes on.  As a member, I simply want to know the nearest shared branch or ATM based on my location.  How do I know which network to “tap on”?  Are they the same?  What is the “CO-OP”?  Why not tap one tab and provide a seamless user experience to your member…not to mention freeing up “precious real estate” on your mobile app!

This valuable branch and ATM locator service is available FREE for six months if your credit union chooses to integrate our new aggregated shared network feature which simply combines all of your networks and branches into one search!  The minimal fee going forward can literally save your credit union thousands of dollars for this one feature alone!  Please contact us if you would like to know more!

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