Happy 2014 from CU Mobile Apps!

Happy 2014 from CU Mobile Apps!

12 10 13 Blog PhotoAs we close out 2013, Tom and I want to thank those credit unions that have continued to support CU Mobile Apps™ as we migrated to our new platform.  Every organization has a purpose or a “mission statement”.  Ours is simple: To serve Credit Unions and their members.  Over a 90 day period we put 45+ credit unions back in control of their mobile solution.  The countless hours on the phone with dozens of Apple Senior Advisors was definitely well worth the effort!

That brings us to 2014 and what lies ahead at CU Mobile Apps.  We already have an update in the works to enhance and improve the user experience for your members.  More importantly, we are focusing on mobile app security.  Credit Unions using our mobile app platform will be notified soon regarding the addition of our new Security Tab in the CU Mobile App Engine.

CU Mobile Apps will provide our credit unions and their members with our exclusive malware and counter surveillance technologies. These patent-pending security technologies are provided exclusively to CU Mobile Apps credit unions utilizing our platform.  This state of the art security feature will protect your members from remote control eavesdropping and spying technologies from their mobile device while utilizing your mobile app developed by the CU Mobile Apps team.  These patent-pending technologies provide peace of mind for your members by utilizing additional device security and detection from data leakage ports such as the camera, Bluetooth, GPS, microphone, Wi-Fi, SMS, IR, keyboard and other ports or tools that can take control or steal data from your smart device.  We are excited about introducing this exclusive security feature tab for the benefit of our CU Mobile App Users.  Our technology partner, Metova has an agreement to provide these security features exclusively to CU Mobile App users by adding additional protection for our credit unions that no other provider can.

We are also in the final stages of beta testing our mobile banking optimization service for credit unions.  Literally thousands of credit unions do not have a true “mobile banking” solution.  Displaying your internet banking solution on a mobile device does not provide a “user friendly” experience.  Our team has gone to work and we will be rolling out an affordable solution to credit unions nationwide that cannot budget or afford traditional mobile banking platforms.  Rest assured, we will be providing an affordable and “budget friendly” solution for credit unions of all sizes!

CU Mobile Apps now offers an aggregated branch/ATM location service powered by Locator Search.  If your credit union offers multiple shared branch and ATM networks, we can simplify and consolidate all of your networks into one seamless tab.  This service is available for free for the first six months not to mention a great value and price going forward.

Our integrated mobile RDC continues to grow as more credit unions want to provide mobile deposit as an added feature.  This convenient service is being embraced by members nationwide!  If your member makes one mobile deposit, they are hooked!  The time savings and convenience will continue to gain traction over the next year as more than 50% of all credit unions will be offering a mobile deposit solution.  Our team has on boarded over 15 credit unions in the past two months with more waiting in the wings!  If you have not seen our mobile deposit demo, be sure to request one now.  You will be amazed at how easy your credit union can implement this valuable service.

Mobile technology is a “moving target”.  We are very excited about “what’s in store” in the months to come.  Rest assured, your credit union will be “leading the pack” when it comes to your mobile banking app solution!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season and we look forward to working with you in 2014 and many years to come.

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