CU Mobile Apps Milestones: Over 100 Credit Unions, 1 Million Members and 10 Billion in Assets

CU Mobile Apps Milestones: Over 100 Credit Unions, 1 Million Members and 10 Billion in Assets

CU Mobile Apps reports continued record growth in less than 36 months of operation, and its owners attribute their success to “listening” to the credit unions they serve.  One of the fastest growing U.S. providers of trendsetting mobile banking apps for credit unions and their members now includes more than 100 of the nation’s most respected credit unions among its clients—representing over a million members and more than $10 billion in combined assets, according to Rick Hargis, managing partner of Member Service Solutions (MSS), the creator of CU Mobile Apps.

“Growth follows naturally when credit unions recognize the advantages of the innovations we continue to add to improve our product,” he explains.  “Since we introduced CU Mobile Apps in 2011, our focus has been to literally put a mobile branch in every member’s hand and more importantly, mobile app security is at the top of our priority list.”

Hargis’s 35+ years of credit union service experience has given him an insider understanding of just what those needs are, and have inspired him and business partner Tom Gray to actively pursue the newest technologies—and consequently to be the first to offer new features.

When CU Mobile Apps first introduced its original mobile app solution, they were the leaders in offering a unique combination of user-friendly flexibility and affordability with conscientious customer service.  “While a majority of the credit union mobile banking apps in the app stores focus solely on banking, our vision was to incorporate mobile banking technology with robust marketing and communication tools for credit unions.”  Instead of a member simply checking their account balance, paying a bill or making a mobile deposit, they can now apply for loans, promote share drafts, attract new members and communicate with members using in app push notifications.

In 2012, the independent research group NerdWallet issued a list of the top seven credit unions whose mobile apps were outstanding performers –and CU Mobile Apps dominated the list, designing four of the seven listed credit union mobile banking apps.  (See the full report at

In 2013, CU Mobile Apps partnered with Metova, a prestigious veteran developer of mobile apps, to unleash unprecedented levels of creative freedom in developing the ultimate credit union mobile app product— Customizable, versatile, user-friendly mobile apps that bring the latest in state-of-the-art technology to credit unions and their members, incorporating total security and absolute ownership of their platform.

And in February 2014, CU Mobile Apps responded to growing concerns about mobile app security by introducing the first credit union mobile app with built-in Snoopwall® protection—a revolutionary spyware blocking technology that defends mobile transactions from hacking, theft, and spyware attacks.

The Metova-designed version of Snoopwall’s patent pending technology was designed specifically for CU Mobile Apps and its clients—and the new feature was provided free to all current CU Mobile Apps clients and their members.

“Growth is contagious,” says Gray. “We believe that keeping CU Mobile Apps on the leading edge of mobile app technology not only helps us grow, but does the same for our valued client credit unions and their members.  We fully expect our first 3 years’ worth of growth and innovation to fuel our momentum and bring even more exciting advances in the future.”

CU Mobile Apps is a trademarked product available through Member Service Solutions, LLC, a respected provider of insurance and financial solutions for credit unions and financial institutions. Additional information is available at and , or by calling (800) 537-9035, Ext. 105.

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