P2P Mobile Payments


CU Mobile Apps P2P Mobile Payments solution provides your credit union members a virtual ATM that allows them to send money to a friend or family member via their smartphone or tablet device whenever and wherever they want, and with no hassle or delay.  Our innovative person-to-person mobile payments product offers a number of key advantages over slower, largely ACH-based person-to-person mobile-payment solutions, including speed, ease of use, and security.  Our solution relies on EFT technology so money takes only minutes, not two or three days to transfer to the intended recipient.  There is no pre-registration required for users who want to send or receive money.  All that is needed is the e-mail address and/or mobile phone number of the recipient and they will receive a text message or email alert that the funds are available.

Member Features:

  • Faster – Real time EFT network transmission meaning no more waiting for the transaction to clear.
  • Reliable – Good funds model unlike ACH based services.
  • Easy Send – No physical cash or checks and no new passwords to remember.
  • Easy Deposit – Near real time deposit therefore eliminating the need for branch visits.
  • Easy Receipt – Acceptance via mobile device.
  • Highly Secure – Trusted user interface with patented PIN pad scramble technology.
  • Simple – No preregistration required.

Credit Union Features:

  • Product Innovation – Establishes your credit union as an innovative financial institution.
  • Membership Retention – Retains members who utilize this service.
  • Valuable Complementary Service – Extends your credit union reach for the growing number of mobile users.
  • Profitable Transactions – Replaces expensive check transactions.

Our P2P solution easily integrates into your existing CU Mobile Apps app.


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