CU Mobile Deposit

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) will soon be a “must have” for all credit unions.  The convenience of taking a photo of a check on your mobile device and making a remote deposit is already in high demand by many mobile-savvy members.  Over 10% of your members will immediately begin using RDC when available.  These members typically conduct 2 to 3 RDC transactions per month.  RDC transactions are without question less expensive than a traditional teller window transaction.  Your credit union will see an immediate ROI when you offer a Remote Deposit Capture service.

Once you see our CU Mobile Deposit product in action, we think you will agree that we have delivered the most robust user experience available on the market today!  By combining our proprietary “App Engine” with CU Mobile Deposit, your credit union has the ability to communicate directly with your member utilizing our unique push notification feature.  While most RDC apps send the member a standard “Reject” message if there is an issue with a check, you can actually personalize a push message back to the member.  This feature will save your staff and your member’s time and frustration when dealing with a rejected item.

It typically makes sense to include RDC within your existing mobile banking app, therefore preventing your members from having to download two separate apps from the app stores.  However, we also offer our CU Mobile Deposit as a stand alone product.  Full customization is available for both!  Your app will be customized to include your credit union name and color scheme allowing you to maximize your brand.  Our App Engine allows you to personalize your app tabs instead of using “stock” verbiage.  Honestly, you have to see it to believe it!

CU Mobile Apps works with a variety of the nation’s leading RDC providers who use the latest digital check imaging technology.  Our Account Management team will work hand-in-hand with your staff to help implement your RDC service.

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