“The price was very reasonable, and their presentation was excellent. I was able to see exactly what we’d be getting for our investment, since screen shots of the app at work were displayed as they were being described. No one else made it this easy to understand—this clear and specific.”

Joseph Ditta GCEFCU Video Testimonial Image
Vice President
Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union
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“There are only a few times that you are introduced to something that (1) on the front end it blows you away, and (2) it delivers on its promises. I can say this is one of those times. I’m extremely impressed with it!”

Wayne Hope
President & CEO
Enrichment Federal Credit Union


 “Our credit union selected CU Mobile initially because of the excellent pricing they offered and the personal service we were promised on the front end.  We have worked with them since that time and they have been nothing but professional and extremely responsive to our needs.

One of the things that we liked about the CU Mobile app is that a person does not need to be a member in order to download the app.  They can get it and look at services, locations, apply for membership, apply for loans, compare rates and payments and much more before they ever have to join.  Most of the other apps we looked at were only available after you enter your account number into them.

I have been extremely pleased with the support and training I received in order to manage our app.  The support team is extremely easy to reach and is always ready to help.  Our members are really enjoying the app and the comments on the new app have been extremely favorable.

I would highly recommend using the CU Mobile for your app.  It is the easiest platform I have ever used to maintain the app.  I can make changes at a moment’s notice or send out push notifications if we have an issue with home banking or weather issues.  I feel you will be very pleased with the product as well as the service.”

Katy Jett
VP of Marketing
Enrichment Federal Credit Union


“Flexibility and responsiveness are two traits that distinguish CU Mobile Apps from our other technology partners. CU Mobile Apps has exceeded our expectations in every respect from pricing, to app development, to implementation to support.”

Chris Anuswith
Guardian Federal Credit Union


“Our members are extremely happy that we now have an app for St. Thomas.  I’m happy that we were able to find an app that was affordable and very user friendly to maintain.  I am so impressed with the presentation and the high level of service provided by CU Mobile Apps from the initial creation of the app to the end product itself, which was really quick.  You promised and delivered a fantastic product and we couldn’t be happier, especially with the push notification feature.”

Chloe Nguyen
Asst. Manager
St. Thomas Credit Union


“We saw the demo of the app and how it works, and how much control we have after it’s developed; we can change themes and rearrange messages and designs internally.  When we started doing our research on CU Mobile Apps, we were also impressed by their partnerships with companies like SnoopWall and Metova.  Those reputations speak for themselves—and that makes for an easy decision.”

Sam Davis
Marketing Coordinator
Healthcare Family Credit Union


“Working with Member Service Solutions on our mobile app was incredibly easy.  Not only did they provide us with excellent service throughout the development and app store submission process, but they have also been diligent about providing great follow-up service.  The entire team has been very pleasant to work with.”

Jeff Pisarsky
Research, Design & Virtual Manager
Honor Credit Union


“Getting our mobile app from CU Mobile Apps was the best thing we could have done!  The process was so easy and the staff was excellent to work with.  Their process is so organized our app was up and running in no time and I did it myself!”

Patty Preuss
Filer Credit Union


“CU Mobile Apps has been one of the easiest vendors to work with. Their staff from the top down are professional, and knowledgeable of their product. Members love the App.  I like that maintaining  the marketing side of the  App is easy. Integration with CU*Answers system made it a no brainer for us.”

Kathy DeGroot
Marketing & Technology Specialist
Newaygo County Service Employees Credit Union