Mobile App Development

From the minute your credit union executes your CU Mobile Apps Service Agreement, our team goes to work.  Your app will be developed within 4 weeks and ready for your review.  Your staff will be trained to use the CU Mobile App Engine that includes our custom support tab and training tutorials.

Once you approve your app, our team will submit your mobile app to the various app stores for approval.  This includes submission to Apple, Android Google Marketplace and the Amazon App stores.  Approval time from each App Store will vary.  Apple now requires each credit union to have a DUNS Number with Dunn & Bradstreet.  If you do not have a DUNS Number, we encourage you to apply for one immediately.

You will be provided with customized marketing images to help promote your new app.  Your marketing and promotional efforts will lead to more members downloading and embracing your new mobile app.

Be sure to visit our Mobile App Market Overview page for device specific market share information.

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Our Revolutionary App Engine Core Features:

  • Branch & ATM Locator: Providing your members with the branch or ATM that is closest to them has never been easier.  Simply tap on driving directions to receive turn-by-turn GPS directions to your desired location.
  • Hours of Operation: Your hours of operation for every branch location is readily available at your users fingertips.
  • Rates: Share loan and account rate information with your members in an easy to read format that you can easily change, usually in less than one minute.
  • Online Banking: Our online banking screen provides a way for your users to be able to access their web-based account information directly from their mobile app.  They can perform functions just as they would be able to via their home computer.
  • Alert Messaging: Send immediate alert notifications or specials to your members easily with our Alert Messaging feature.  We have added a new functionality that allows messages to be given an optional end date which allows you to add a message that appears and disappears at a time of your choosing.  This is a great way for you to instantly inform your members of any events, specials or promotions, fraud alerts etc.
  • Marketing: Display your credit union specials or promotions using full graphics in this area of your app.  The specials screen is a dedicated section in the App Engine which allows you to add multiple images that will appear in a carousel so that  users can navigate through them easily.  Specials can be thought of as full page ads on a particular tab and it allows you the ability to specify a particular action when that imaged is tapped by a user.
  • Advertisements: Our advertisement feature allows you to define your advertisement campaign(s) in order to promote your products or specials which will be displayed in the form of banner ads throughout your app.  You can upload graphics for portrait, landscape and then specify the transition time between advertisements as well as the action when the banner is tapped by a user.
  • QR Codes: QR Codes can be used to provide shortcuts for your users to your content. These could take the user to web pages, open photos and videos etc.
  • News: Post news seamlessly to your Smartphone App just as you would do to your website. Keeping them informed and up to date has never been easier!
  • Custom Forms: You can quickly and easily design your own custom mobile friendly forms using our App Engine.
  • Quick Dial: Your members have the ability to dial any of your locations using our simplistic tap and talk feature.
  • Links: Provide additional links for your members with ease.
  • Social Media: Includes all of your social media sources within one convenient app tab.  Display your Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and more.  The most convenient way for your members to stay in touch.
  • Mobile App Analytics: View numbers and charts regarding the number of apps that have been downloaded from the various app platforms.  Track your members of how they navigate your mobile app.
  • Media Center:  Allows you members to view or hear important instructional and informative videos and audios pertaining to your credit union.
  • The CU Mobile App Engine supports high quality retina display for multiple smartphone and tablet devices.
  • Loan Calculators: Allows user to calculate mortgage, auto and simple loan payments.  This also includes a loan amortization calendar.

Mobile App Enhancements:

Your app can include the following for an additional fee:

  • CU Mobile Deposit: Your members can have a true native app RDC experience within your mobile app.  This service is available at an additional cost and our RDC provider is a national leader in the industry.  Contact Us today to learn more or download our brochure here.
  • P2P Mobile Payments:  CU Mobile Apps P2P Mobile Payments solution provides your credit union members a virtual ATM that allows them to send money to a friend or family member via their smartphone or tablet device whenever and wherever they want, and with no hassle or delay.  Contact us today to request a no obligation product demonstration webinar for your team.
  • Custom Mobile App Development: If our current suite of mobile app solutions does not meet the needs of your credit union, we also provide fully customized mobile app solutions.  We can literally take your ideas from concept to reality!  Our experienced team includes graphic designers, senior software developers, web experts and seasoned project managers.  Contact us to learn more.

Do Not consider a Smartphone App for your credit union without seeing our demo first!

Contact Us via our website or call (800) 537-9035 to arrange a no obligation live online demo and discuss our preferred pricing!


Test Locator Point FAQ

Test Anwer

What members qualify for CU Mobile Deposit?

Your credit union is in control of determining what segment of members will qualify for remote deposit capture.  You set all deposit criteria with regard to the service.

How does CU Mobile Deposit work with my item processor or core processor?

The credit union will receive a X9 file that can be directly uploaded to your item or core processor.

How long does it take to implement CU Mobile Deposit?

It will typically take between 60 to 90 days to fully integrate and implement your RDC program.  Since RDC is an imbedded tab within your mobile app, we suggest you implement your mobile app first.  The RDC tab can be easily inserted into your app engine for members to use.

What does CU Mobile Deposit cost?

We offer two pricing strategies that makes CU Mobile Deposit a cost effective solution for credit unions of any size.  Given the average cost of a traditional teller deposit, you will see an immediate ROI when you implement the RDC service.

Is your app a web based or native app and what is the difference?

Our app is a native app with native features and functions.  We also however allow for the display of web pages and web apps within our solution.

A web app is a website that has been optimized for mobile devices and they are designed to look like native apps.  However, they are not distributed and available for download in the major app stores where your members expect to find them.  They also do not support native in app messaging, push notifications, remote deposit capture etc.

The benefits of native apps are: they are fast and can be found in the app stores where your members expect to find apps (web apps are not in the app stores) and can access native functionality on the devices (such as gps, cameras, compass, accelerometer etc).  Native apps will generally work without network connections, whereas web apps by their very nature require a network connection to the web server.  Therefore web connectivity isn’t always available.

We actually have a best of both worlds: a native app and native features that can include mobile web pages and be delivered via the app store (preferred user experience)

What platforms are supported?

We currently support iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Phones & Tablets and Kindle Fire.

Do you have any plans to add Blackberry to your list of supported devices?

Due to Blackberry’s rapidly declining market share, strategy, customer demand and general outlook, we do not have it listed on our road map of devices to build support for.  However, we will continue to evaluate this decision over time and if our analysis changes then we will certainly add them to our road map.

What is a Mobile App Engine?

The App Engine platform was built to allow our credit union clients a quick, easy and cost effective way to update, maintain and make instant changes to their own mobile app rather than having to seek the help of an outside vendor every time they need to change something.  Use our web based Content Management System (CMS) to simply:

    • Upload your brand content to our design portal
    • Make necessary changes to your mobile app in real time
    • Preview what your members would see on their device
    • Simply click “publish” and your changes will be made viewable to every member instantly.

What skills are needed to update, maintain and make instant changes to our app via your App Engine?

If you or someone on your staff can upload pictures to your desktop, Flickr, Facebook and other services, then you have the skills to maintain your mobile app.