CU Mobile Apps (CUMA, LLC) was born out of the recognized need to provide credit unions with the high-quality, customizable, and affordable mobile application products necessary to stay competitive. Three strong companies, LSC, Member Service Solutions, and Metova, Inc. met in the summer of 2014 to strategize about mobile products. By the end of that summit, they determined the best strategy was to form a new organization, pooling their strengths to create the ultimate mobile app platform for credit unions.


For over 45 years, LSC has been the dominant support provider to small and mid-sized credit unions not only in the Midwest but across the country. Their unmatched experience and expertise in all areas from card programs and customer service to education and legal advocacy, as a corporate partner of the Illinois Credit Union League, has made LSC the undisputed leader and the loudest voice in the market championing the credit union movement. LSC has made it their mission to not simply look for new and exciting solutions to serve their credit unions, they create them. This strategic partnership is the most exciting creation yet!   As their statement says, LSC helps credit unions compete.


The CU Mobile Apps content management system and platform was created by the visionaries at Member Service Solutions, LLC (MSS). With their original roots in insurance and financial planning services, MSS has been serving the needs of credit unions for over 40 years. When they realized there was a serious need to help credit unions strengthen capital, MSS began educating and consulting on maximizing existing channels for success. With the vision that technology would be the ultimate way to strengthen credit unions in the marketplace they ventured into the world of mobile products. As with all their endeavors, success was a forgone conclusion. After partnering with Metova in 2013, their mobile platform now represents over 1 million credit union members and over $10 billion in assets!


Metova, Inc. develops custom applications for Web, smartphone and tablet platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The Metova brand employs more than 85 people in five cities: Franklin, Tenn. (Metova’s headquarters), Cabot, Ark., Conway, Ark., Augusta, Ga. and Washington D.C. Experts at blending next-gen technology with practical solutions, Metova has created some of the most popular, easy to use mobile apps in the market today for a wide variety of clients worldwide including Yelp, WebMD, and EHarmony. With their feet firmly planted in both realms of commercial and government mobile development, Metova has left an undeniable mark on the industry. It’s clear why MSS and LSC would seek a strong, strategic partnership with Metova. Their technical know-how and inspired creativity is what has made them the recognized leader in strategy, design, education, and support.


Credit unions need comprehensive, customizable, and cost-effective mobile solutions to remain competitive as well as to attract the next generation of members. CU Mobile Apps exists to provide those solutions. This powerful mobile platform ensures our credit unions will have the edge to not only survive but thrive in the new age of tech-savvy members. CU Mobile Apps is helping credit unions design their future.

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