Engage Your Members With Mobile Coupons

Engage Your Members With Mobile Coupons

More than just banking. Engage your members with your CU Mobile App!

Has your credit union focused solely on “mobile banking” when it comes to providing a mobile app experience for your members? According to the “experts”, you may need to shift your focus to making your mobile app more relevant for your members. When members use mobile banking, they typically do one of two things: 1) Check their account balance or 2) Look to see if the most recent transaction has posted to their account. In essence, you have engaged your member for less than 60 seconds.

On the contrary, let’s look at mobile coupon and shopping apps. Mobile apps such as Groupon and Retail Me Not can easily engage their users for hours each month! Not minutes!! Think about it. How many times have you used your smartphone to check your account balance this week? How many times have you purchased something (a restaurant, the grocery, the mall, or online)? Check out these statistics from a recent survey of over 3,000 mobile banking users. The results may surprise you!

Surprised? We weren’t! The CUMA Team wants your mobile app to engage your members for more than just 60 seconds a few times a month. Our InstaSave feature provides instant savings for your members anywhere, anytime, day or night! Over 60% of the mobile banking users surveyed wanted to be rewarded for their loyalty, and over 50% wanted access to mobile coupons. All other mobile app features palled in comparison. These results speak for themselves and InstaSave has it all.

At CUMA, we want your members to use your mobile app for more than just banking. Become more relevant and start engaging your member’s every day with InstaSave, Mobile Deposit, P2P, Custom Forms, Push Notification/Messaging and more! Let’s face it, if your members do not know about your products and services, they will find them somewhere else. Let CUMA help you “get the word out” by getting the most out of your CU Mobile App!

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